Sunday, October 11, 2009


Hi everyone, my name is Jackie. I am wife to my pirate & mom to two fabulous children. We truly enjoy vacationing together as a family, especially to Disneyland & Walt Disney World! It's so funny because everyone who knows me, knows that I can help them with their trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World. I have studied the parks on many different blogs and websites for years learning all about what Disney has to offer, from resorts to dining to park touring. My number one tip for first time visitors is to take things slow and let the magic happen. There are so many wonderful things to see everywhere and you cannot possibly see it all in one trip. Take it easy & enjoy every single little thing! You may find something you didn't know existed at all!

I decided to create this blog because I've read about so many families who have spent a whole bunch of money on their Disney vacation & felt like they didn't get everything out of it that they had hoped for. We were veteran Disneyland visitors way back when & I was completely overwhelmed when I first started to research our first trip to Walt Disney World. There are so many choices & options with four different theme parks, resorts, dining, & park tickets that it can be overwhelming at first. My goal is to help you understand the planning & how it is such a very important part of your vacation ~ even for all of you who like to fly by the seat of your pants!

I hope you enjoy my blog & if there is anything in particular you're curious about, please feel free to let me know!