Monday, January 25, 2010

I did a little bit more digging & found a pic of Molly inside of It's a Small World & she was just mesmorized by the whole thing. Look at her face:

And I found one more princess picture, this time, our little princess was awake for it but she wasn't too sure what to think, so I had to jump into the picture with them. This was her first character interaction! It was really fun & this Snow White was just beautiful!

It's such a treat to find these old pics! Having these wonderful experiences & seeing them through the eyes of my children is what has made Disney such a special vacation for our family every single time we go!

People often ask me why I'm not tired of Disney vacations yet & I just laugh...I could never get tired of something so wonderful! How about you? What keeps your family returning to Disney year after year?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

This first trip to Disneyland was such a treasure & the start of many wonderful Disney vacations to come.

I'm going to give you a little bit of history here to start. My mom used to fly down with my brother [who is 13 years younger than me] to California every so often to visit my Grandma. They would go to Disneyland & play after dinner sometimes. Their routine was that they always rode It's A Small World first thing. My mom absolutely LOVES that ride! It is her very favorite! Here is a picture that I absolutely treasure:

This is my mom, holding Molly looking at It's A Small World for the very first time! You can just see the wonder & amazement in Molly's eyes as she watches what is happening...she didn't know what to think! Look at the wonderful smile on my mom's face too! She was so excited to see this & sharing it with her grandchildren was awesome & just such a sweet moment!

Zach was such a prince on this trip too! Molly, being only 2, napped quite a bit during our park-touring time & it just so happened that when the princesses were all out in their places around the Sleeping Beauty Castle, she was napping! So, Zach very modestly said that since it was so important to me that we got autographs & pics of them all, he would step in & take the pictures...FOR ME! What a great sport! :)

First with Cinderella

Then with Belle

Then with Sleeping Beauty

And finally with Ariel in her Grotto

It was very fun & we just loved how much attention each princess gave to him & were so excited to see him! It was cute because every one of them told him how cool it was that he was doing this for his sister & his mom! :)