Monday, January 25, 2010

I did a little bit more digging & found a pic of Molly inside of It's a Small World & she was just mesmorized by the whole thing. Look at her face:

And I found one more princess picture, this time, our little princess was awake for it but she wasn't too sure what to think, so I had to jump into the picture with them. This was her first character interaction! It was really fun & this Snow White was just beautiful!

It's such a treat to find these old pics! Having these wonderful experiences & seeing them through the eyes of my children is what has made Disney such a special vacation for our family every single time we go!

People often ask me why I'm not tired of Disney vacations yet & I just laugh...I could never get tired of something so wonderful! How about you? What keeps your family returning to Disney year after year?

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