Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm going to veer off of my personal Disney story to tell you about the most fabulous event I just attended. I was lucky enough to be invited to Disney's very first Social Media Moms Celebration at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL.

Social Media has recently become a very important & successful way of communicating for businesses all around the world. I had the opportunity to hear some very influential people speak about their social media experiences, both personal & professional. I'll talk about each one in future posts.

The first event of the 3-day celebration was a tailgate party at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. I had heard of this but had no idea that it was so big! It was a real treat to see it. We got to learn about what was up & coming for the complex. Very exciting! Here is a video covering the relaunch! We also learned more about the upcoming Fantasyland expansion including the Electric Light Parade move! I'm so very excited about it!

We had a great dinner of hamburgers & hot dogs & all the trimmings. We played & interacted with fellow mommy-bloggers & their families as well as with several Disney characters all dressed up in their sports attire.

We met & chatted with Leanne Jakubowski, Director of Social Media at the Walt Disney World Resort. Below is a picture of me, Minnie, Traci, Leanne, Debbie, & Jennifer down in front!

We also were able to meet one of my personal idols, Laura Spencer, another Social Media Manager at the Walt Disney World Resort. I asked Laura my very first question way back at the beginning of 2008 when the Walt Disney World Mom's Panel made its debut & find it fascinating that she is now in charge of the panel! Here is a picture of Lynne, Debbie, Traci, JL, Laura, me & Jennifer.

This was just the beginning of what was in store for us! Leanne & Laura did such an amazing job of planning this spectacular event for us! Thank you! :)


  1. YAY! Can't wait to hear more, Jackie!


  2. Wasn't it such a fabulous event? I had an awesome time too.

    Leanne and Laura did a fantastic job and we were honored to be involved.

  3. What a great post.
    I had to laugh while reading this because I saw you ladies taking some of these pictures Wed. night. LOL! You looked like a great group of friends. Isn't it great how Disney does that!!

  4. Sounds like an awesome time! Hope to see you there next year!

  5. It was a pleasure meeting you, too. I'm glad you had a wonderful time and I also hope we'll do this again. Great post.